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Introduction to ICS - Basic Training M1 (ICS101)

Why is it so hard to get IT and OT to work together on security? They have different priorities, strengths, and technology and can struggle to communicate their needs. Learn how to communicate with both sides in this introduction to ICS security.

After completing this modules, users will be able to:
  • Identify common cybersecurity and ICS devices
  • Locate which level of the Purdue model ICS devices belong in
  • Compare and contrast cybersecurity in IT and ICS/OT networks

    Module Length - 2 CPE

    Basic Training equips users with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to begin securing ICS networks. On completing the 10-part series and successfully passing the final exam, users receive a Fortiphyd certificate of completion worth 15 CPE and are prepared to take on industry certifications like GICSP and CSSA.
  • Content
    • Industrial Control Systems
    • Intro to Course and ICS sample
    • Intro to Course and ICS
    • ICS Review
    • ICS Architectures and Processes
    • ICS Architectures and Processes
    • ICS Architecture and Process Review
    • Purdue Model Architecture
    • Purdue Reference Model
    • Purdue Reference Model
    • Purdue Reference Model Review
    • Intro to Cybersecurity
    • IT vs ICS
    • IT vs ICS
    • ICS vs IT Review
    • Conclusion
    • Module 1 Case Study
    • Module 1 Case Study Review
    • Module 1 Quiz
    • Additional Resources
    Completion rules
    • You must complete the test "Module 1 Quiz"